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Stance - Foundation of the Shot

Often i'm asked about form and what separates a "decent" shot from a "great" shot. To be honest, it all starts with good form. But, we need to build that form from a solid base.

Your stance is the base from which your "form tree" grows. I describe it as a tree because it really has a lot in common with a tree when you think about it.

If you look at a sapling tree, its not really strong, has a thin base and, because of that, is easily twisted and leaned from one side to the other by just a strong wind. Now, as that tree grows, its base gets wider, stronger, and soon enough, it won't move as much. Archery form needs a strong base, or the rest will move just as much as that young sapling does. So if we build a good stance, we have somewhere to start from. And believe it or not, once you establish a strong base your form will get much better and your overall performance will improve.

So lets begin with the basic stance. In order to form a solid base, you need to place your feet shoulder width apart. So ideally you hips should line up under your shoulders, and your feet under your hips. When standing in this position, you have a strong set position from which to work. If you were to stand with your feet too close together, you would fi