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High Power Archery was started with one focus in mind, and that is to make archery accessible to as many people as possible.  No matter what your skill level, from beginner to pro, we can help.  Whether you need expert setup of new equipment, or tuning your existing equipment, we will work hard to make your experience a memorable one.  And, more importantly, we will make sure you leave with the absolute best shooting setup possible.


We understand that in today's economy not everyone can afford new equipment.  So if you have an older bow and can't afford a new one, then we can make it work for you.  Many times, you will find that old bow, when properly setup, will feel great to shoot and save you a lot  of money in the process. It doesn't  matter  if your purchased your equipment from us or not, we can help you set up practically anything you bring to us!

We pride ourselves in being more than just an archery academy.  One of the most important roles of a coach is to provide an outlet for new people to get involved in our sport.  It doesn't matter if you are interested in hunting, target archery, or 3D archery, we have programs designed to get you started.  With that in mind, we have several programs that are unique to us and offer beginners a way to try archery with no commitment necessary.  These include free lessons for first time shooters, and youth programs designed to get kids into archery.  We also offer Hunter Safety Courses as well as advanced "continuing education" programs designed to help the hunter or novice archer get to that next level.  And best of all, these are all free of charge.  We also offer formal, one on one training with our USA Archery Certified Coach Angel Garcia.  Angel has over 30 years experience as a shooter and Bowhunter and competes as a Professional Archer as well.  Our passion is to work with new people and to see that smile when they hit their first bulls eye!  

Lastly, we provide kids programs for all ages.  Many times, families can't afford to get their children into a sport merely because of the cost of equipment.  We have a simple rule at High Power Archery and that is to help any child that has a desire to learn.  We do everything we can to provide the equipment and guidance they need and will go out of our way to help anyone who has the dream of becoming a great archer.

Please feel free to browse our site and find out how High Power Archery can help you today!  If you have any questions just leave us a message on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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