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Hunter Safety Courses

In need of a Hunter Safety Course or Bow Hunter Safety Course.  We can help you there.  Contact us about arranging a course for your group.  Course are taught by New York State Certified Instructors and are FREE OF CHARGE.

All we need is the following:

1. A public facility (We will submit the location to the DEC for approval prior to scheduling the course).

2. Location details (capacity, facilities available etc)

3. The approximate number of people who will attend.

4. At least 30-45 days notice.

Once we get the site approved, we will work with you to schedule date(s) for the course.  We can work with various schedules but most courses are scheduled for weekends, or spread across a few weeknights.  Just drop us a message and we will get the process started for you.  We do a maximum of 2 courses per month (depending on availability).  So reserve a class now if you need one!

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