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CoronaVirus - COVID-19 Awareness

The Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19 is a major concern in today's environment.  The media is full of many different views and opinions regarding the spread of the virus and its prevention.   High Power Archery is dedicated to protecting our students and guests in any way we can.   To that end, the best way to accomplish this is by staying informed. 

In the frame below you will see the article posted on the Centers for Disease Control's website.  This is a live frame and any updates or changes made will appear on that page.  This will help you stay up to date on any announcements or recommendations they may make.

At this time, there are no plans to cancel any scheduled events or seminars scheduled for July and later in the year.  .  If there is a change made, we will notify all registered participants and post a notice on this page.

By adhering to simple standards and common sense, we can continue to lead normal lives both at home and at the club.  This page is provided as a service to our members and will be updated as needed. 

Thank you for your continued attention to this matter.

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