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BowHunter Continuing Education Courses


As many of you know, we provide both the Hunter Education Course as well as the BowHunter Education course which are required to obtain the BowHunting privilege in the state of New York.  These courses are provided free of charge and taught by New York State Certified Instructors.  

In the BowHunting Course Curriculum, we cover a wide variety of subjects which introduce new BowHunters to archery.  The course's entire purpose is one of fostering safety in the field.
But even though the BowHunter Certification Course is lengthy (8 hours), its primary focus is on safety fundamentals when BowHunting.  Due to time limitations, we are unable to dedicate more time to Archery and BowHunting Fundamentals which are critical to a BowHunter's success in the field. So, with that in mind, High Power Archery is proud to announce its new BowHunter Continuing Education Program!

The program is designed to build upon the solid foundation learned in the State's safety course and will focus on the following:

  • Shooting Form for the BowHunter

  • Proper Aiming and Targeting Techniques

  • Shot Angles and Effective Range

  • Effective Broadhead Selection and Use

  • TreeStand  Safety and Demonstration

  • Blood Trailing and Game Tracking Techniques

All of these skills will be presented in a hands on environment at Willowbrook Archery Range in Staten Island.  The course will be taught by by Angel Garcia, a Professional Archer and New York State Certified Hunter Safety Instructor with over 30 years of BowHunting Experience, .
This course is presented FREE OF CHARGE.  Participants will utilize their own equipment, and targets (Bale and 3D) will be provided by High Power Archery.  We also hope to have representatives from the DEC Police and Parks Department on hand for this course.
The only requirement we have is that your register at least one week prior to the course date.  In this way we can gauge the number of participants that we will have on that day.
We will be offering these courses up to 3 times per year.  

Currently we are looking at dates in May and August.  So based on the number of participants we should be able to set the first course date within the next week or so.

Course Type: BowHunter Continuing Education

Registration: Required

Experience Level: Novice to Advanced

Course Duration: 2 Hours

Course Cost: FREE

For more information, or to register, please click on the link below:

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