High Voltage Youth Program

Shooter Profile

Hunter W.

Bow: PSE Stinger Extreme, Release: Whalens Hooker Simple Shooter, Arrows: Black Eagle Outlaw

Hunter's dad brought him to us a few months ago to get started in his training.  This is a young man who at just 8 years old had a desire to start his journey in archery.  Appropriately named, we could tell that he had the spark that makes a good student.  In the last few months, he has overcome challenges that would have discouraged other kids.  But more importantly, he has gone on to build solid form and technique uncommon even among some of our adult students.  He's naturally left handed, but interestingly enough he is also right eyed.  This is something that can be very difficult to overcome, but Hunter had the dedication to learn to shoot right handed and it has turned out wonderfully!  

Like any other young shooter, the first few times were a struggle, especially shooting a right handed bow for someone that would normally be a lefty shooter.  But he dedicated his energy to learning his release and form.  It's not every day you find a young person willing to learn how to shoot a back tension release.  Honestly back tension releases are scary to a lot of adults as they can be very difficult to learn to shoot safely and effectively.  But this young man put all his energies into shooting and now decimates those x's.  

Like I said before, he's appropriately named.  About a month after starting to train, he asked about a 3D target we had at our shop.  When i told him what it was the first thing he said was.....can i shoot that?  Well wouldn't you know, he drilled it!  Its the target he gets to shoot at the end of his regular sessions and he really looks forward to it! His goal is to harvest a turkey in 2019.  If i were a turkey i would be really concerned

Keep your eyes out for this young man.  Even though he's had just begun his archery journey, his dedication and spirit will take him far in Archery!

Hunter W High Voltage Archer