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Most people who know me will tell you that i don't really push any product in particular.  As a rule i don't accept sponsorship from manufacturers because it can lead to conflicts in recommending the best for my customers.   In this way i get to shoot what i want, when i want without being beholden to any manufacturer in particular.   That being said, every once in a while i come across something that i find truly valuable for my customers.  Titanium Archery Products is a manufacturer of what i believe to be the best stabilizers i have ever shot.....and I've shot just about everything through the years.  

When looking at products i keep a few things in mind: quality, design and source.   These stabilizers and mounts are American Made.   The owner is a down to earth friendly person who you can contact for any questions before or after the purchase.   As a small business, they manufacturer each set one at a time.   So there are no mass production lines or the problems that come with them.   When you purchase one of their products you can be assured that you are getting a well made, hand crafted item that is held to the highest of quality demands.   

Like i said, i'm not into sponsorship or the like.   So when looking into these stabilizers i did my research, actually talked to the owner and paid full price for them.   They run sales like anybody else, but these are first class quality made items that are worth the cost at any price.   They are not budget rate stabilizers and mounts.  They are pro quality.   

In the coming days i will post a video review here (linked to our YouTube channel) showing what they look like and how they perform.   But after thorough testing i can tell you these are no gimmick.  They perform superbly and are built like tanks!  

Until then, head on over to their site by clicking on the links above and have a look for yourself.  Whether its hunting or target shooting, these are the last stabilizers you will ever purchase.  And they will last a lifetime.   

Remember by purchasing top quality equipment from an ALL AMERICAN company you not only get great quality, you contribute to helping make this country a great place to live.

More to come soon folks!....................