High Power Archery

Custom Shop

High Power Archery now offers custom refinishing.  Whether you have a new bow that just isn't available in the color you always wanted, or a trusty old bow that has seen better days.....we can help!

Our new range of services include:

1. Custom Painting or Dipping (camo patterns and various graphics)

2. Complete bow breakdown, tuning and upgrades (rockers, string stops, axles, drop away thimbles.

3. Custom String colors in various materials.

4. Complete bow refurbishing top to bottom,

If you have ever wanted to get that custom look, we can make it happen.  Not only will we get it refinished and matched to a custom set of strings, but we will tune that rig to shoot like you never imagined.   Keep an eye out for some of our work that we will feature on here in the coming days!