With no place to go locally here on the island, i always had to look travel to New Jersey or all the way upstate to get my bow worked on.  It was a real pain and what made it worse was how bad the service was.  To travel an hour just so some kid could work on my bow, and then realize he had no idea what he was doing was really upsetting.  Worse was that i paid good money for tuning and never got anything out of it.  The bow would shoot horribly and i started to really hate shooting it.
I was at Willowbrook range and heard there was a guy here on the island who had helped a lot of people get their act together.  They said he was usually at the park on Saturdays and Sundays working with people or just practicing with his own setup.  Never hooked up with him, but about two weeks ago, a buddy said he found this shop that could help and the guy was at the park every week.  Turned out to be the same guy!
Well i copied the info from his card and went to his website.  Left him a message and he called me back like ten minutes later.  Told him what was happening with my bow and he said to bring it down.  So i went over on a Saturday night and i have to tell you this guy knows his stuff!
Angel spent an hour with me just going over what was wrong with the bow's setup, and what he would need to do to it.  He's got a professional setup with every type of gadget and gizmo you can think of, but he really knows how to use them. Turns out this guy is some kind of professional shooter and coach and has been doing this for years.  He runs a legit business, but has another full time job so he's just always swamped with bow work.
He wrote me out a slip and said that i should give him a call in about 2 or 3 days.  He needed time to work on everything didn't want to do just a quick fix.  I guess that he had a lot of work because there were 2 people waiting to see him right after me and there had to be at least 10 bows hanging there with slips waiting for work.
Anyway, 2 days later he calls me and says come down and everything is ready.  Pretty much everything got redone on the bow.  He took off the peep, rest serving you name it and put it all back in place.  I never had a peep line up before, but this time it was dead on. 
Its a small place but he had me shoot it a few times at 14yards or something like that.  It felt better than it had ever been.  And it was quiet all of a sudden.  He took 20 minutes to tell me about what needed to be changed and how it could have gone bad since my peep wasn't even tied in correctly.  He even gave me a few tips about my shooting that really changed stuff up for me right there.  I never spent so much time with a bow guy before and it was like learning something totally new every minute.  His price was exactly what we had discussed and let me tell you it was a bargain.  I couldn't be happier.
The only reason i'm writing this review is because Angel put so much into my setup, it has made shooting enjoyable again.  And about a week later i ran into him at Willowbrook and he took even more time out of his schedule to help me get my broadheads shooting perfect.  I mean he adjusted stuff right there in the field and wouldn't quit till they hit exactly where the field points did.  I asked him how much i owed him and he just said, its all part of the job....wouldn't take a dime!  
I've never been so impressed by a shop!

Cosmo P. - Staten Island, New York